Tracy Brown has a 2 year associates in Film and Video production. During his 2 year study he immersed himself in Design and the Graphic arts. Over the years he has worked on numerous projects for small businesses to large tech companies. Also working in television and film on projects like Goliath, 2 Broke Girls, Bones, Hand of God, Training Day the series, and many more, Tracy knows what it means to be a professional. Along with music production Tracy immensely enjoys drawing, and Graphic Design and understands the struggle individuals, and small businesses have when it comes to their budget for marketing, advertising, email campaigns, logos and Graphic Design. This is why VAST IMAGES takes pride in also catering to small businesses and individuals. VAST IMAGES covers the whole spectrum of Graphic Design. We specialize in logos, email campaigns, flyers, book covers, posters, business cards, to video promos, and commercials! VAST IMAGES will design for you no matter what budget you bring to the table!